Concentration and sensitive to noise goes hand in hand!!! May 23, 2015 17:58 1 Comment

Common phrases from parents;
"are you listening"
"why dont you just listen to me "
"dah berapa kali bgi tau".....

1)Weak listening skills, a limited attention span, problems maintaining focus...
2)A tendency to be easily distracted, inability to remain focused.

There are already struggling with all the above make things worst the surrounding noise can make learning difficult for them.
They hv high sensitivity towards noise causes them to zone out and daydream! !!!

Example of scenarios;
1) if neighbours tv noise is too loud they might find it difficult to learn
2) arguments in the house can disturb them greatly too

So, how can we help these children. From my experience these strategies worked 4 me;

1) ask them what noise surrounding disturbs them, it can be as simple as pressure cooker making noise

2) our voice could be too loud when we talk to them. So try to be soft and gentle.

3) if possible sit with them while doing homework because the moment you leave they will get distracted with something.

4) Most importantly, tell them how long is the study time, 30 min, 1 hour. Avoid giving vague info, buat kerja sampai habis, instead be specific. Siap kerja dlm masa 15min lps tu boleh ada playtime. Children are only anxious about time frames in exam not at home.