Which comes first, reading or writing? May 24, 2015 22:46

Saya percaya sementara Reading and Writing go hand-in-hand, kita perlu memberi lebih keutamaan dalam mengajar 'how to write'. 

In return, our child’s writing will actually influence and strengthen their reading skills. After all, it will be their writing that will be responsible for their academic progress.
They can start writing two words with pictures (of course) for start. .Gradually more words to make sentences...Please do not tegur; capital takde, komanya mana, full stop lupa letak, spelling entah kat mana..yg paling penting the child writes what in his mind. Because of, so much of negative comments anak2 stop writing takut kena marah.

Good readers may be good writers, but good writers are always good readers! -unknown

Salam dari seorang yang sedang menulis.